Digital Delivered.

Featured below is some of the most exciting work we have done in the past.

  • adobe systems client case study
    Adobe Systems

    CMS & Optimization

    Established digital presence using AEM Implementations for Adobe clients, managed assets in the DAM and created reusable components and templates. Digital Properties were optimized for performance. On a different stream, setup several A/B Tests to optimize conversion and revenue.

  • AT&T client case study

    eCommerce Portal

    Created a fully integrated dashboard for internal users, connected to several databases and rendered with AngularJS on the front end with slick interface and robust performance.

  • bank of america client case study
    Bank Of America

    Personalization and Recommendations

    Drastically improved conversion rate for passive segments by using Machine Learning based personalization and subsequently following up with precise recommendation offers via several channels.

  • paypal client case study

    Web Optimization & Targeting

    Designed and built web interfaces, increased engagement by targeting audience segments with personalized messaging, iteratively enhancing it with quick-learning A/B tests.